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3-Tiered Shared Spectrum Systems: Rules, Business Models & Markets


“It all starts with spectrum – the ‘Mother’s Milk’ of connectivity in the 21st century.” — FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Wireless spectrum is the invisible fuel for the global digital revolution. Spectrum is a scarce commodity yet demand for it rises with the millions of additional users that join the mobile internet each year worldwide.

We know that technical innovation ensures that each generation of mobile technology treats spectrum more effectively that the technology what went before. 4G networks, for example, use spectrum three times more effectively than 3G networks; 3G networks are four times more efficient than 2G networks.

Dynamic spectrum systems represent a new technology paradigm that promises improved RF spectrum access and efficiency and refers to a set of technologies which allow wireless users to share access to spectrum. Make pans to attend the 2nd Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Summit, this September in Silicon Valley, California.

This event is the leading showcase of the people, platforms and technologies at work today across all industries — commercial, government, defense, academic, investment — seeking innovative methods and strategies to utilize and manage wireless spectrum.

Make plans today to participate — contact us about speaking, sponsorship and ‘gamechanging’ product demonstrations.

"The current practice of assigning fixed frequencies for various uses irrespective of actual, moment-to-moment demand is simply too inefficient to keep up with actual demand and threatens to undermine wireless reliability."

− William Chappell, Director of DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office